Why Using Airport Hotels with Parking Makes Sense?

Since Brits first started taking regular holidays abroad driving to the airport, booking a taxi or have friends drop you off has been the most common way of getting to the airport.

Wherever possible, travellers use airports that are the closest to them to keep down the cost and the time taken to get there. However, regional airports due to the size of their catchment area tend to concentrate on popular short haul destinations to the likes of Spain, France and Greece.

If your destination is longer haul you will probably have to fly from one of the UK’s larger airports that could well mean quite a long journey. If you are flying late in the day or early evening you will have plenty of time to drive to the airport and overcome any delays.

The problem arises if your flight departs early or mid morning because you will have to drive through the night or through the busy morning rush hour traffic.

Unfortunately, nearly all flights leaving the UK do so with some customers failing to make check in because they been delayed or simply not set off early enough and just be caught out by the amount of traffic at that time of day.

For others they only make it by the skin of teeth and arrive stressed and tired which is clearly not the best way to start a holiday. Having been involved in airport car parking for over 20 years I have witnessed some heart breaking scenes where customer have returned to the car park having failed to make check in.

Whilst this is not only an expensive exercise, it is the loss of much needed holiday that has been long anticipated. Whilst, it is easy to say this could have been avoided, accidents on UK motorways can cause major delays very quickly.

It is, largely for this reason that holidaymakers are opting to use an airport hotel with parking deal. Not only does this completely remove the chances of missing the flight it helps to get you in the holiday mood.

Leaving work and then having to drive through the night or early morning leaves the driver in particular tired and stressed and will take at least a few days before you can drop into holiday mode.

Plainly it is, much healthier to take an unhurried drive to the airport and spend a relaxing evening at a hotel knowing the journey the following day will take less than 20 minutes. Indeed many of the larger airlines will let you book in luggage the previous day leaving you free to go straight to security.

Because it makes life so much easier more hotels are even being built at smaller regional airports due to demand and people are now seeing this as part of the holiday. At the larger airports there are prices to meet all budgets and if you are looking to reserve gatwick hotels with parking or heathrow hotels with parking you will have the choice of over 20 hotels.

Even if you are looking to book a hotel at East Midlands airport there are still 4 good nationally known hotels to choose from such is the growing demand for this product.

Indeed you would expect the reverse to occur in the present economic climate and whist a airport hotel and parking is more expensive the difference is not that great which the benefits far outweigh.

By David Cook

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