Easyjet signs Seven Year Deal with Gatwick

Air travellers in the south-east will be pleased to learn that low cost flyer Easyjet has agreed a new seven contract with Gatwick starting next month.

Easyjet and other low cost flyers have undoubtedly helped to lower the price of flying abroad and opened many new destinations by using smaller regional airports particularly in Europe.

On the back of this the airline is to add another five new routes taking the destinations available to more than 100. Indeed this deal will allow Easyjet to develope more routes with a known passenger fee in place and expect passenger numbers to increase by 5% this year, breaking the 2.5 million barrier.

The new routes will target the business flyer to Brussels, Charles de Gaulle, Jersey, Newcastle and Strasbourg using the slots purchased off Flybe.



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Why it pays to Book your Airport Parking or Hotel Early ?

The internet or world wide web has made travelling abroad a great deal easier allowing holidaymakers to use such tools as Google earth and review sites. Up until 10 years ago holidaymakers relied almost entirely on holiday brochures to view hotels and check out their locations to the beach, transport and town centres.

Hours are now spent checking hotels, destinations and flight prices, but one area that is nearly always left to the last minute is booking in the car. The earlier you book the greater the choice and usually the cheaper the price.

At the larger airports car parking or hotels with parking included can cost more than the cost of a flight and the same level of research needs to be done. For a quick read go to cheaper airport parking article for tips

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Extra Parking at Manchester Airport Gets Thumbs Down

Owners of Manchester Airport have submitted plans to construct over 9000 car parking spaces on green belt land at Moss Nook, Wythenshawe. The airport as part of their submission pointed out that 3,000 spaces had been lost creating the new Airport City Hub.

The planned car parks got the thumbs down from local residents who are concerned about traffic congestion, during the early morning rush hour and the additional noise from banging doors and car boots as customers arrive from as early as 3.30 and depart as late as midnight.

The residents’ concerns were supported by local councillors and the owners say they will take these concerns on board.

Another point to consider is the amount of spaces to be created will place the airport in a monopoly position that could initially drive down prices and force external operators out of business. With less competition prices in the long term could rise. No doubt planners will take this into account.

Clearly, this has a long way to run and we will keep you posted.

In the meantime, whether you want to park on or off airport, Flypark can offer a selection of Manchester airport parking options to fit all budgets and access requirements including Meet and Greet.

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Airport Parking Rogues Warning

Essex County Council Trading Standards have warned about the dangers of using online parking Meet and Greet providers who only offer this service.

Every year Essex Trading Standards receive complaints from the public about hundreds of extra miles being recorded, theft of their property and damage to their vehicle.

Unfortunately, parking your car at the airport is quite expensive and unscrupulous characters are therefore attracted especially to providing “Meet and Greet” that carries a premium.

These firms often headline their services by using a trade name very similar to well established legal companies but nearly always at a cheaper price. These rogue company’s stress your car will be placed in a secure facility while you are away.

Most online providers offer several parking options including both off and on airport parking with the car parks approved under the Park Mark Scheme and offer Meet and Greet as an additional service, using these car parks.

The rogue firms only offer the Meet and Greet and more often than not are light on detail about where the car park is located. A watchdog programme some years ago pointed out cars being left in supermarket car parks, fields and streets.

When the whistle was blown on a Gatwick operation it took the police weeks to locate customer cars, so don’t say you have not been warned.

Flypark has been providing airport parking and hotels since 1995 and only use operators using the highest standards of service and security.

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Flypark Customers Travelling to Gatwick Need To Be Aware of Delays

Overnight repairs to the M20 and M26 will result in carriage closures and whilst disruption should be minimal customers still need to be prepared of potential delays.

The work on the M20 is between junctions 2 and 4 and 2a and 3 on the M26. Work is to begin from Monday 5th August and do to be completed by 15th August. These repairs and re-surfacing will be carried out between the hours of 10 pm and 5.30am Monday to Thursday and 11pm to 6am Saturday Sunday.

The work on the M20 is between junctions 2 and 4 and 2a and 3 on the M26. Work is to begin from Monday 5th August and do to be completed by 15th August.

At certain times diversions will be in place and it is bound to cause delays especially early morning and Flypark is recommending all customers parking at Gatwick or leaving hotels for early morning departures to give themselves a little extra time.

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Government Need to Act on Third Runway at Heathrow

When Flypark first started offering airport parking back in 1990, they had been talking about the need for Heathrow to have a third runway and Gatwick a second. Here we are 23 years later and the debate is no further forward and our European competitors continue to take business at the expense of Heathrow.

Planning was given the green light by the last Labour Government only to be withdrawn by the Conservatives who promised to do so when in opposition. Unfortunately any expansion at Heathrow is subject to the impact on local residents and conservation areas and a political minefield.

The need to expand in the south east is now a foregone conclusion and the political ping pong does little to serve the interests of the UK economy and unless a positive decision is made sooner rather than later more business will be lost.

Business associations and major UK airlines such as BA have all now warned the government they are putting the long term interest of the country at risk and the owners of Heathrow have taken the opportunity to put three options before the government that will increase the number of flights from 480,000 to 740,000 per year.

All the options will require compulsory purchase of thousands of homes and even some entire villages and will take enormous political will to see this through. Boris Johnson the Major of London favours building a brand new airport in the Thames Estuary but this is seen by many as a non-starter and will take too long to build.

Our European competitors nearly all have the advantage of building modern airports away from major urban populations and already have 4 or more runways with lots of spare capacity with Frankfurt, Paris, Amsterdam and Madrid all gaining business from the far east and especially China.

As an interested party, Flypark naturally would like to see Heathrow grow but moreover feel that government dithering is causing great harm to the UK economy and a bigger Heathrow means more jobs, inward investment and foreign visitors.

It must also not be forgotten that many of the residents and business close to Heathrow either work there or are dependent for their livelihood on the airport. For those who will need to move they must be paid the premium rate for their homes and any inconvenience caused.

Yet a another review has been called by the Coalition government to be completed by 2015, conveniently after the next election and while politicians sit on their hands our European rivals get further ahead.

Does all this ring any bells with our energy policy with governments dithering in which direction to go. Shale gas may dig them out of this particular hole.




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More Choice for Parking at Leeds Bradford Airport

Leeds Bradford Ltd initially had their application to operate as an off car park by Leeds Bradford City Council turned down in 2011 but were successful on appeal.
They are now looking to increase parking spaces by a third to 918 from 643 and given the appeal win, they hope the council will this time around approve the increase. This car park is only a minute from the airport and can provide both out and indoor parking and a Meet and Greet Service.
The council took a very tough stance with Sentinel who had operated as an off airport car park for over 10 years and used by Flypark customers for most of this time. Fortunately, once again Sentinel was successful on appeal and there can be little doubt that customers will get a better deal with each supplier pricing accordingly.

Flypark customers looking for parking at Leeds Bradford Airport now have 3 excellent options to choose from including the official on airport parking.

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Stansted Hotel and Parking

As one of the owners of Flypark I decided to take my own advice and instead of driving to Stansted airport on the day of departure and booked a hotel with parking at the airport the following morning.

Our flight from Stansted to Perpignan was due to depart mid -morning meaning we needed to arrive at check in around 9.30 on a Monday morning. A large proportion of our trip includes driving south on the A1 and then onto to the A14/M11 all of which are notorious for delays through a combination of accidents, motorway repairs and just sheer volume of traffic.

Monday morning is without doubt the worse time you can choose as commuters return to London and the south-east following the week-end break and the roads resemble a slow moving car park. The drive normally takes around 2 hours but at this time of the day this could easily extend to 3 or 4 hours, meaning to be sure of catching our flight a 5.30 am start and getting up around 4.30 am.

Whether it’s just me, if I have to be away this early no matter what time I go to bed I just cannot get off to sleep and have a broken night’s sleep no doubt because subconsciously I am worried I will oversleep despite testing the alarm. My friend who drove every Monday to London for years says he always suffered from this and eventually started using the train because he was so tired when he got there, but he found a way to relax at the Swim Spas Plus.

Any way the nearly new Premier Inn was selected and we set off Sunday afternoon about 5.00 and arrived at 6.45, booked in and drop off our cases in a very comfortable room and went for a drink followed by a nice meal and retired about 10.30.

Got up the following morning having decided to have breakfast at the airport and set off for the long stay. When you drive up to the barrier your registration number is read and you are given a ticket with the registration on it.

Parked up the car and made a mental note of the zone 9 (long stay is massive and this is critical) and caught the bus waiting and was delivered to the airport in less than 10 minutes. Upon our return we waited at the long stay stop which seemed like ages but in all probability just over 10 minutes.

Our only problem occurred when we got to the barrier, the electronic system asked me to pay £119 to cover the parking, I contacted someone through the speaker and told them I had booked a Stansted hotel and parking package through Flypark and they then asked for the booking reference which I gave them and the barrier lifted.

There is no doubt whatsoever that booking a airport hotel and parking deal is the best way to arrive at the airport refreshed and ready to enjoy the holiday rather than stressed and tired. The main downside to this is the extra cost of between £25 and £30 depending upon the time of year and the extra you spend on drinks and a meal which in our case was £50. Clearly, the latter is a personal preference and you can quite easily have a meal at home and set off much later.

In our case it became part of the holiday and if I was travelling out of an airport nearer a main city such as Manchester, Glasgow or Edinburgh for example, I would travel down in the morning and take in the sites.

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New Stansted Airport Parking Option

Stansted Airport currently offers long and mid stay car parking and for those looking for fast access and exit can choose the Valet parking where you are met directly outside the terminal. The latter is a premium Meet and Greet service and from next month the airport is introducing a more affordable option.

This Meet and Greet will be located inside the short stay facility where you will leave the car requiring you to take a short walk to the terminal; pricing will fit neatly between the usual long stay parking and the premium Valet service.

The airport which is now owned by Manchester Airport Group is also introducing cheaper parking under the Jetparks banner where the parking transfer takes longer. Transfers from the official long stay take 15 minutes, 10 minutes from the Mid Stay and 20 minutes from Jetparks.

All pricing reflect the distance from the airport and frequency of service with prices ranging from £66.98 up to £135.00. Within this pricing range are Super Saver options whereby the discount is granted on the condition that no refund will be given for cancellations.

Flypark has all these new options covered and to see the full range of prices just click on Stansted airport parking and put your dates into the the booking engine.

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Flybe Sells Slots at Gatwick to Easyjet

Flybe have sold all its slots at Gatwick for £20 million to Easyjet axing all its existing internal flights to Belfast City, Guernsey, Inverness, the Isle of Man, Jersey, Newcastle and Newquay.

Flybe will terminate flights by March 2014 and blame the high charges levied by Gatwick airport that have risen by more than 100% in 5 years. The airline claims that it is uneconomic to operate an internal flight service using smaller aircraft from Gatwick.

The government’s Air Passenger Duty was the final nail in the coffin for the viability of these routes and the funds from the sale will be invested in the remaining routes at other airports.

Flybe maintain that connections to such destinations  will remain in the balance because airlines are unable to compete with other airlines flying longer distances in bigger planes where load values provide sufficient margin.

In 2010, it waged a lengthy and expensive legal challenge to the increases applied by Gatwick only to be told that the airport were within its right to levy these landing charges and with regret the airline has now decided it would be better off concentrating its efforts elsewhere.

Early indications are that Easyjet will use these 25 slots to complement its existing routes and not takeover these existing routes that will mean a loss of flights to these destination, that goes some way to vindicating Flybe’s decision.

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