Boris Johnson Lets Rip At Government!

Boris Johnson the Mayor of London has slammed the Government over their refusal to allow any new runways for airports in the South East of England and branded their decision “crazy”. The Mayor who was speaking at a Question Time event held in London let rip at the Government saying developments at the airport would generate more jobs and encourage growth in the Aviation sector, he also cited the aviation tax as a hindrance to Uk airlines and its customers.

Mr Johnson’s comments will be ringing in the ears of Chancellor George Osborne as figures released this week show Heathrow airport has slipped from second to fourth in terms of passenger traffic, it has also lost ground in the cargo traffic stats falling to 15th busiest airport.

Nigel Milton the Director of Policy at Heathrow applauded the Mayor’s comments saying there was a worrying trend for Heathrow slipping down the global rankings and a cause of this was the airport’s inability to create new routes. Something that would be achievable with additional capacity to strengthen trading links.

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2 Responses to Boris Johnson Lets Rip At Government!

  1. Chris Lucas says:

    Definitely sounds crazy that they won’t approve new runways as it sounds like there are definitely so many benefits for all… and what a great way to boost the economy and create more jobs in the process!

  2. jamescook says:

    Chancellor has been banging on about made in Britain, designed in Britain but
    exported through Amsterdam because Heathrow is full.