Heathrow Villages Dying

Villages based around Heathrow airport are dying according to Labour MP John McDonnell the airport set about buying up houses that were struggling to sell amid fears of a third runway. However the new Government quashed plans as soon as it came to power, this has left villages such as, Sipson, Harmondsworth, Harlington, Cranford and Longford like a ghost town for residents who didn’t sell up.

BAA who are now the largest homeowner in Sipson and has a large percentage in other Heathrow areas say they are planning to let these properties out. But MP McDonnell says they are simply holding on to the properties in the belief they can overturn the Governments decision over the third runway.

Now homeowners who want to sell say they are facing problems with potential buyers who fear the lingering third runway plans. Mr McDonnell has called for the Government to reiterate its stance over the third runway once and for all and has called on BAA to start selling some of the 266 homes it has bought up.

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