Uk airlines on Alert from Ash Cloud Threat

Following the major disruption from the ash cloud last year, details have emerged of a further eruption from another volcano called Grimsvotn.

The initial eruption was bigger than last year that grounded over 60,000 flights during April and May. Although more intense the particles are heavier and are falling to the ground quicker so the dispersal will be less far reaching.

The cloud is expected to reach the UK tomorrow, when more information will be known about concentration levels.

UK traffic control and the Met Office are closely monitoring the direction of the cloud and whether its density will affect flying. The safety level was increased during the last crisis allowing planes to fly and it is hoped that the cloud will not breach these higher tolerances.

For Flypark customers who have booked airport car parking or airport hotels with parking for the coming week, at this stage blanket cancellations of flights is considered as unlikely.

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