Extra Parking at Manchester Airport Gets Thumbs Down

Owners of Manchester Airport have submitted plans to construct over 9000 car parking spaces on green belt land at Moss Nook, Wythenshawe. The airport as part of their submission pointed out that 3,000 spaces had been lost creating the new Airport City Hub and every single day travelers use airport transportation services in philadelphia pa so it is a must for them to provide new car parking spaces.

The planned car parks got the thumbs down from local residents who are concerned about traffic congestion, during the early morning rush hour and the additional noise from banging doors.

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The residents’ concerns were supported by local councillors and the owners say they will take these concerns on board.

Another point to consider is the amount of spaces to be created will place the airport in a monopoly position that could initially drive down prices and force external operators out of business. With less competition prices in the long term could rise. No doubt planners will take this into account.

Clearly, this has a long way to run and we will keep you posted.

In the meantime, whether you want to park on or off airport, Flypark can offer a selection of Manchester airport parking options to fit all budgets and access requirements including Meet and Greet.


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