Arranging your Own DIY Holiday Saves money?

How to Save Money on Holidays?

Most people travelling abroad for the first time and even those who have been going abroad for years go to the local travel agent and book a destination and leave the rest to the agent to arrange such as airport parking, flight and accommodation.

Clearly, the agent is not doing this as a favour and will add on a fee for arranging these matters and will use one of the holiday companies who will put together a package. Your choice of airport will be determined by the holiday company and the airport parking or airport hotel chosen from within the connections they have at that particular airport

Whilst this still suits many people the packaged holiday is in steep decline because travellers are becoming more experienced but mostly because of the internet. Going back to the late nineties the internet failed to have the impact predicted because the sellers were poor at advertising their goods but moreover because the users were wary of purchasing over the internet and the difficulty of finding the right product.

The internet is now the first port of call for information and everything can be checked and pored over. Friends of mine have an apartment in Mijas in Spain and have become adept at searching out bargain flights many months in advance. They recently booked flights out of Glasgow a 3 hour car journey away and for a family of 4 saved £250 after taking into account the cost of fuel rather than using a local airport. Also by using a comparison site were able to compare the relative costs of airport parking and included that in their calculation.

Another area that can come under greater scrutiny is the location of your hotel. Holiday companies choose their hotels using various criteria including the price they can squeeze out of their hotelier to the amount of commission they can command. Having secured a deal it is their job to fill their allocation come what may.

Its not so much what they say but what they leave out. On our honeymoon our hotel was described as being across the road from the beach and close to local residents. All this was perfectly true, but it also backed onto where illegally parked cars were towed to, awaiting retrieval by angry owners.

Another classic was in Corfu where across the alley from our room was the 18 to 30 club who never really got going until after midnight and finished about 6 am. The noise was unbelievable and despite how best efforts we refused a new location.

By arranging your own holiday you can do the research to balance both price and ensuring that you get the holiday you are looking for. Another excellent source of information is to choose a few locations and email the local tourist information with a mini questionnaire. Noise, difficulty of walking and distance from beach and restaurants as an example.

By David Cook

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