Contract Hire a Car on Holiday

Contract Hire a Car on Holiday
Every year, many people hire cars when travelling to foreign countries as their own car sits languishing in an airport car park. It can be a supremely enjoyable experience to get the opportunity to drive a new car, and not have to worry about all the trappings that come with ownership: depreciation risk, disposal responsibility, tax and maintenance costs. As those who have gone on more long term holidays may have discovered, car hire doesn’t have to begin and end with a week-long hire of a Mazda in Monaco.

Instead, personal car leasing is actually a fine substitute for ownership that allows you to trade cars as often as every 2 years. OK, it’s not quite the same as a new car a week, but it still gives all the advantages of conferring ownership responsibility to the personal car leasing company and it does give the thrill of getting a new vehicle on a regular basis where otherwise it may be difficult or impossible to afford to do that, particularly given depreciation risk.

A personal car leasing contract is also particularly appropriate for anyone visiting a country on a regular basis or who will be spending a longer term in another country as it removes the need for a large capital outlay which may be unexpected in such a situation and replaces it with fixed monthly payments and the flexibility to transfer the car leasing contract to someone else should the need arise (usually). Personal car leasing companies tend not to be so interested in who’s paying the monthly costs, just so long as someone is paying them.

Many people seem to be fixated on the idea of owning a car rather than renting one on a long-term basis. However, those very same people probably take out mobile phone contracts that tie them into fixed monthly payments that they trade up every couple of years. Personal car leasing works on essentially the same basis, and anyone who has ever rented a car whilst on holiday can attest to the joys of driving a car that you’re not responsible for (as long as you don’t destroy it, obviously). As such, given the opportunity to remove the shackles of depreciation risk and the like, for many people, a personal car leasing contract may in fact make much more sense than ownership.

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