Why Do it Yourself Holiday is so Popular?

Do it yourself holiday

The low cost airlines and the internet has led to many holidaymakers arranging their own trip rather than use an all embracing product arranged by a major travel company or by your local travel agent.

Years ago most people would never dream of organising their own holiday and once Christmas and New Year had passed travel agent shops would be full of customers collecting piles of brochures and looking to purchase any cheap early deals.

Travel companies either had their own airline or were in partnership with other airlines and as a result very few seats were left for flight only customers and prices for those seats were so high you were better off buying the package.

The rise of the low cost airlines in the UK during the nineties such as Ryanair, Bmibaby, Easyjet and Jet2 completely changed all this. The prices were so much cheaper it made it worthwhile for people to start to look at arranging their own trip.

Whilst the low cost airlines provided the stimulus the internet paved the way for customers to thoroughly research all stages of the holiday product from booking airport parking or airport hotels, the flight, transfers to the resort and the accommodation.

The great thing about a do it yourself holiday is you regain a measure of control and broadens the choice of where you fly from and the type of accommodation.

Package holidays in the main tend to be centred in huge holiday complexes with set meal times and organised trips for bigger groups. For those looking for a quieter more relaxing holiday where they could enjoy the local cuisine and culture the do it yourself holiday ticks all the boxes.

Package holidays are so regimented by their very nature and made worse by the numbers involved who are herded through airports, onto flights followed by the transfer to their accommodation that entails endless drop offs at different hotels and then this procedure is repeated on the way back.

The trend for do it yourself trips continues to grow every year as more and more travellers gain confidence in booking their own holiday by drawing on the experience of others.

The travel companies response in these economic challenged times is to sell more all inclusive trips that appeals to families on tighter budgets because they more or less know the overall cost from the outset and this makes a lot of sense and there has been a definite move to sell more of this type of product.

There are parts of the holiday process that are less exciting to research than others and airport parking and transfers definitely come under this category, but nonetheless these are quite costly items and need researching to get the best deals but also to ensure the level of security and convenience you are looking for.

For those using the internet the danger is now of information overload, for instance if you are looking to book Gatwick airport parking there are innumerable options to choose from and to visit every site and collect information becomes a chore.

Fortunately, companies such as Flypark who have been selling online since 1998 cover all these options and you are able to view these different car parks including price, location, security arrangements and transfers time all on one page.

The growth of these comparison sites has helped reduce the time it takes to view all the elements of the holiday leaving you to research the most important aspects such as the location within a particular resort and where to stay.

Travel companies recognise that to provide one holiday for everyone has now gone and they will have specialise to attract like minded souls.

By David Cook

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