Gatwick Airport Information

Gatwick Aiport Facts and Figures

1) Gatwick is the 6th busiest airport and the world's busiest runway.

2) Behind Heathrow and in front of Manchester, Gatwick is the second largest airport in the UK. However, Gatwick only has one runway and Manchester with 2 potentially has greater room for growth.

3) Over 90 airlines fly out of Gatwick to nearly 200 destinations.

4) On a busy day Gatwick is able to service 800 movements.

5) There are over 28,000 people working directly for Gatwick.

6) Gatwick is 28 miles south of London of London and is connected to the M23, which leads onto the notorious or indeed infamous M25.

7) 87% of its passengers live in the southeast. The development of Regional airports has seen passenger levels from more distant parts of the country actually start to decrease.

8) The airport covers an incredible 1687 acres and is the size of a medium town.

9) The runway measures 3316 metres and is 45 metres wide.

10) There are 27000 car parking spaces at Gatwick. Given on its busiest day last year 16Th August 2003 134527 passengers passed through the airport there are insufficient spaces to meet the demand. Whilst the off airport car parks can provide another 15,000 spaces this is still not enough and a major concern for continued growth.

These are the most popular routes.


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