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Always take a few zip lock plastic bags. These are useful for putting small items in rather than letting them rattle round your case and separating wet from dry clothing. Put soaps, liquids shaving cream, tube paste or anything that can spill onto your clothes in sealable bags. Having seen first hand the damage a shaving cream can did once trust me this is good advice.

Read luggage allowances and the small print

on your airline booking confirmation very carefully. Excess charges are substantial and can nearly cost as much as your original ticket. Overall weight limits for example may be less than individual limits for hold and hand luggage.

Booking online will save you money

Operating a call centre is expensive way for travel companies to do business and online booking engines via web sites essentially take out the cost of someone in putting your details. Airlines, airport car operators, hotel s and car hire companies all encourage you to use to do this my charging less.

Where to Source Information

If you are visiting an area you will get far more from your visit by reading a guidebook beforehand. The local tourist information office is also a useful source of information once at your destination. Be prepared to listen to the locals because it is in their interest for you to enjoy your holiday. There is always more than one way.

Travel as light as you Possibly Can

There is no point lugging cases full of clothes that are never worn. Airlines baggage limits are much less than they used to be and it is amazing how much extra we used to take compared to only 5 years ago. Be ruthless with shoes.

Use Common Sense

When getting money from a cash machine do so in daylight in a public place and then only go out with as much money in your pocket as you need.

Use Comparison Sites

To get the most comphresive range of prices say for Manchester airport parking always use a comapaison site that will include both on and off car parks as well as Meet and Greet services.

Mailing Lists

Join as many holiday mailing lists as possible, because you never know when a discount opportunity may come your way.If possible look to book on a Monday through to Wednesday. Airlines, hotels, airport parking and car hire companies evaluate at the beginning of the week and will discount early to reach certain targets and then increase prices.

When to Travel

To save money, look to travel off peak outside of the week-end. Red eye flights are often the cheapest flights because of the unsociable hours. When telephoning home check out at prices at the local internet café which I have found to be far cheaper than using a mobile.

Be Positive

Finally if things go wrong try to remain as positive as possible, because things have a way of working out in the long run and getting yourself all worked up will not have changed a thing apart from your mood.

By David Cook

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