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Hotel Airport Parking or Airport Parking?

Over the last few years we have seen increased demand for Airport Hotels with parking. When you compare airport car parking to Hotel airport parking the reasons are quite compelling. We are one of the longest established companies who offer airport parking and hotel airport parking throughout the UK and Ireland. At Flypark, we offer cheap hotel airport parking, by doing this it enables us to offer you the best value for money for hotel airport parking. This gives you peace of mind that your vehicle will be kept in a secure and safe environment.

Stress Free

Customers wish to have a stress free start to their holiday as possible. By travelling the day or night before, any delays for accidents or motorway maintenance will not result in missing your flight or putting you in an agitated frame of mind. Customer arranging own schedule. More customers are now arranging their own trips and staying in a hotel is seen as part of the holiday.

Hotel Airport Parking Explained

Longer Journeys

There has been a massive increase in the number of long haul destinations to the Americas, Australia, Far East and latterly China and the Eastern bloc. These destinations are usually centred on the airports of Heathrow, Gatwick and Manchester requiring customers to travel significant distances.

Weather Conditions

Weather in the UK can change so quickly causing chaos on the roads and to avoid this customers are opting for staying overnight.


The price between off airport parking and Hotel airport parking has narrowed considerably.

For many years this was considered too expensive and the reserve of the few. Businessmen who regularly travel abroad were the first to use this service and they extended this to their personal holidays. Hotels are usually quiet at week ends and holiday makers staying overnight on a Friday, Saturday or Sunday were a welcome source of revenue.

Airport Car Parks operators and Hotels combine to provide a package.

The big stumbling block was what to do with the cars. Hotels want their customers to stay and then leave with their cars and did not have the space to have cars left for up to 16 days with more customers coming in each day.

Car operators after many years have compromised by each cutting their full price to make this a viable alternative, so much so that the price for Hotel airport parking can be just £30 above the cost for airport parking which for two people or a family is exceptional value.

How does it Work

Your car will either remain at the hotel while you are away or be stored at a secure car park close by. More often than not the secure compound will be an existing on or off airport car park.

  • Drive to the hotel and the car remain there throughout your stay and the hotel complete the transfers
  • Travel to the hotel for your overnight stay and then drive to the secure car park the following morning. They will then complete transfers to the airport in the normal manner.
  • Travel to the car park first who will take you to the hotel. The following morning the hotel will transfer you to the airport and the car park operator pick you up upon your return.