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Why choose – Stansted Hotel and Parking

Increasingly, more and more of our customers are choosing to book a Stansted airport hotel with parking deal in preference to parking at the airport. Just compare prices to airport parking and it is easy to see why.

By staying at the airport the night before your departure, you will be transferred to the terminal by the hotel if your car is to remain there or drive to a nearby secure car park for onward transfer to the airport. Either way your journey to the airport is considerably shorter than setting off from home and lessens the inumerable things that hamper your journey to the airport such as:

Motorway road repairs   |   Poor weather slowing or bringing motorway traffic to a standstill   |   Being involved in a road accident   |   Getting lost   |   Re-direction because of the above   |   Car problems   |   Burst Tyre

Flypark is able to offer several hotels close to Stansted airport to meet all budgets and we thoroughly urge our customers to choose this option to see what a difference it can add to your overall holiday.

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Booking cheap Stansted Hotel Parking

One of the ways to book cheap Stansted airport accommodation is to book an undercover or mystery hotel. The way this works is where, hotels are looking to fill the rooms at short notice for a particular day, they will offer the accommodation at a very competitive rate. When you book this hotel the only thing you are advised is whether the hotel is ranked 3 or 4 star.

Different hotels may appear online throughout any given day.