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Travelling to and using UK Airports

The information below is intended as a guide only.

Before you set off
Prior to your journey to the car park, please ensure you have your passports, money, credit cards and tickets and know the correct check in times. You should aim to arrive at the car park at least 30 minutes prior to your check in time or as otherwise directed by the car park operator. These details will be on your confirmation. The weather can be unpredictable in winter and it is a good idea to check the forecast and if need be with one of the motor organisations with regard to local weather and road conditions.

Some of the low cost flyers in particular have quite low baggage weights, which are usually to be found in the small print on your tickets, or confirmation and the excess charges can be quite expensive so it is a good idea to also check the weight of your baggage. Make sure you compare different travel insurance ratings before you fly.

Arriving at the airport.

Check in
The transfer bus from the car will drop you outside the main concourse and usually there are plenty of trolleys. The flight display screens located in the main concourse will direct you to the correct check in desk where you will be required to produce your passport and tickets. Your baggage will then be checked for weight and a boarding card issued. Check in desk staff will advise if your flight is on time. Flight monitors are to be found throughout the terminal building giving up to date information.

After check in
Depending on the airport you will be able to shop, have a drink and a meal prior to security control. The main shopping areas are however after security control.

At security your boarding card and passport will be inspected and your hand luggage will be x-rayed and inspected. At no point should you leave baggage unattended. Any unattended baggage will be removed and even destroyed. Please go to our security page.

Once through security this is when most travellers begin to relax having reached the car park and queued through check in and security control. The ladies can take in some retail therapy and the gent’s enjoy a drink although not too many.

Usually about 30 minutes from take off you will be advised over the speakers and by the display monitors to go to the departure gate ready for boarding. Please ensure you listen out for these announcements or watch the screens. Once the aircraft is loaded any passengers will have their luggage removed as a security precaution and they will not be allowed on the aircraft once this has been done.

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By David Cook