Airport Security -Park Mark Scheme

Park Mark Safer Parking Scheme

Airport Security Parking

The British Parking Association became the administering body for the Secured Car Parks Award scheme in October 2001.
The scheme, launched by The Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO), aims to raise security standards within car parks and thereby reduce car-related crime.

To be awarded Secured Car Park status owners and operators must meet a stringent set of standards, including good design and management, an effective level of security patrols, good lighting and the provision of help points.
Airport car park operators recognised that they had a responsibility to adopt the best practices set out in the Secured Car Parks Award Scheme and the following areas contribute to being able to display the logo.

What it means to our airport parking customers

Using parking facilities that have won the Park Mark® Safer Parking award, means that you are parking in an area that has been vetted by the Police, to make sure that the site has had measures put in place to create a safe environment. Park Mark® awarded parking areas are run by responsible operators who are concerned with your safety and the safety of your vehicle, and who have done the best they can to reduce crime and the fear of crime on their site.


The criminal element will always prey on locations where they can avoid detection and clearly the better the surveillance the more they will turn their attentions to less well-protected premises.CCTV – front line deterrent

  • Human presence 24 hours a day in highly visible clothing.
  • Open plan lay out with no dark corners, screening, buildings or trees.
  • Boundaries – Clearly defined and see through fences to maximize security and visibility.
  • Well-defined customer access to aid surveillance and reduce casualties.
  • Airport car parks are subject to customers arriving and departing not to mention the transfer buses and great care needs to be taken to have clearly defined pathways.


Good quality lighting is essential. Airport car parks are especially busy from 04.30 to 0800 and this is a potential time for accidents and the opportunist car thief. All areas of the car park need to be clearly visible. Use of illuminated pathways is also recommended.

Car Access

These should be narrow to control the flow of traffic and restrict unwelcome access and covered by CCTV. Human presence is also required.

Parking Area

Parking areas should be in clearly defined rows with a one-way system. Adequate bays allocated for arriving traffic, which should be separated from the outgoing traffic.