How to book Cheaper Airport Parking,Hotels and Flights?

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Researching blindly on the internet?

Spending hours going from one site to the next looking for bargains is one way to achieve your goal but this haphazard approach can mean you are looking at the end product before applying parameters which from the start can help you find cheaper flights, parking or airport hotel parking.

Also when trawling these sites you will come across the same information time and time again and are in danger of not being” able to see the wood for the trees”. Moreover, you have to especially careful not to be drawn to headline advertising often used by the low cost flyers, such as “flights to Dublin only a £1”, however, once you have added the extra charges for credit card booking, airport taxes, automatic ticket insurance purchase, first and second bag charges and sporting equipment the price is nowhere the original

How do Airport Parking Companies and Airlines determine their Prices?

Most people start the process from the wrong way round and dash straight onto to the internet looking at where to go and where to stay followed by flights and cost of parking.

To obtain cheaper deals you must first think about when to go because this alone carries the most weighting. A couple of years ago, we went to Caper Verde for New Year and if we had gone a week later if would have cost half as much. The trouble is we were conditioned to looking to go somewhere taking in New Year’s Day. Whilst the weather was great, New Year evening was nothing to shout home about and we would have had just as good a time the following week.

Airlines and airport car park will always charge more for weekend flights, which operate at convenient times, but these are clearly the most sought after by the travelling public with Saturday being the most expensive followed by Sunday.

Our working week is oriented Monday to Friday and more often than not travellers are funnelled to use these days for starting and finishing there holidays and because airlines can only secure so many of these time slots on these days they will hike up the price.

Factors to take into account to find the cheaper holiday deals

Before you even start looking for your flights you need to look to at the following factors.

  • Day of the week – try and avoid the week-end if possible
  • Time of the day – the later the better if this suits
  • Time of the year – largest factor
  • Bank holidays- avoid
  • Children’s holidays.- if possible avoid
  • Christmas and New Year – go before and after and you will half the expense and get better service.
  • Book as early as possible – prices rise as car parks and the plane fills
  • Local festivals which would make accommodation more expensive.

Obviously your personal circumstances, will dictate when you can take your vacation. For instance if you have children your annual summer holiday will have to be taken between the last week in July and the first in September in the UK.

The first thing to do is to see if you can have a holiday running from say a Wednesday to Wednesday by pairing with a work colleague who will take their holidays Thursday to Thursday which then covers your employees workload and places you both in a cheaper flight area.

Failing this, book a late Friday or Saturday flight that will be cheaper than booking in the day. Be organised and book these as early as possible and you may get one flight free for a child.

To do this you have to understand how an off airport parking company works or how the airport itself operates its parking and pricing.

If you have to travel a long distance to one of the larger airports check out prices for say Gatwick hotel parking compared to parking at the airport and you maybe pleasantly surprised.

By David Cook