Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the Airport Drive on Price?

If you drive directly to the airport without any form of pre-booking this is known as the airport gate price. This can be very expensive especially at the main airports such as Gatwick Airport, Manchester airport and Heathrow airport.

Why do I have to pre-book?

All bookings for our car parks are taken via our web- site or by telephone and require payment in advance by credit or debit card. The staff at the car park site are therefore not required to concern themselves with payments and can concentrate solely on parking and transfers and secondly we are then able to monitor demand and advise customers in advance when the car park is full.

This also has the advantage of guaranteeing you a space in peak season. Nearly all the off airport car parks will be full at sometime in the summer especially the off airport car parks. East Midlands airport in particular is full for Saturday departures even in the winter and early booking for this airport is always recommended.

How safe is my booking on your web site

An industry secure server that guarantees the safety of the transaction protects the online purchase area. The system uses a SSL encryption technology.


These are sent with your confirmation either by email or if a telephone booking in the post. Directions for short noticed bookings will be faxed. Details of the car park location can also be found under information when you obtain a quote and before you are required to book.

What happens when I get to the car park?

Whilst each car park may differ slightly the following is the usual procedure.

1) Produce at reception your receipt/confirmation to confirm payment and for security purposes.

2) You will be asked for your car key and if there are any special starting requirements such as codes.

3) If the car park is a Park and Ride you will retain your car keys.

4) You will be given return instructions and a telephone number to ring.

5) You will also usually be asked for your return flight details.

Will assistance be given if my car fails to start?

Wherever possible assistance will be given. The most common failure is a run down battery, which may just need jumping. Whilst we are quite happy to do this the code for the radio will need to be re-input. Do you know your code?

How are weeks Calculated

A one week stay is 8 days and two weeks stay is 15 days. Some customers associate one week with 7 days and this is sometimes where the confusion arises. Saturday to Friday is 7 days with the 8th day basically spent traveling to and from your destination.

Will I receive a discount for a long stay?

if the stay is over 3 weeks a discounted rate can normally be arranged. The rate of the discount will depend on season and car park.