Best Way to Select Gatwick Hotels

Best way to select a Gatwick Hotel


Over the last 10 years booking a hotel close to the airport before your flight has becomeĀ  increasingly popular, especially at the larger airports. Travelling to any UK airport on the day of your flight always carries an element of risk which can be greatly reduced by driving down the day before.

The following selection process can be applied to any UK airport. At Gatwick there are over 30 hotels and it is quite a task to try and find all these hotels and then collate prices, facilities, parking arrangements and locality. The best way to do this is to visit a comparison site, where you will be presented with all these features on one web page.

This page can then be arranged in price order and whether the hotel is a four or three star, so that you can quickly eliminate hotels that fall outside your budget or the standard you are looking for. You can then examine in more detail your remaining selections.

Parking Arrangements

Some hotels will have sufficient room to park your car with them for the duration of the stay but more usually you will stay overnight at the hotel and travel to a secure car park the following morning and be transferred to the airport.

Alternatively, you will go to the secure car first and be taken to the hotel who will complete the shuttle to the airport and be collected by the car park operator upon your return.

Some hotels use taxis for the transfer rather than have their own transport and this will be added to your overall bill but the cost will be known from the outset.


All the hotels are at least a three star standard and include breakfast, thereafter it is very much up to the individual as to what they want to add to the package. Clearly, having a relaxing meal and drink is a great way to chill out and get you in the holiday mood. Most of the four stars will also have gym and spa facilities that are usually included.

How to book Gatwick Hotels

It is, always much cheaper to book Gatwick hotels with parking under one package rather than reserve the parking and hotel independently. Another great way to reduce the cost is to book an undercover or mystery hotel.

Basically, these are the result of cancellations and hotels will input these onto the system virtually as they happen and excellent savings can accrue. At this stage you will only know the star rating until you actually book but rest assured the hotel will meet your expectations.

By David Cook