Heathrow Airport Terminals

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currently operates 4 terminals.

Terminal 1 (Closed in 2015)

Opened by the Queen in 1969. This doubled the the seating and retail space. Primarily Terminal 1 serves the domestic market and Irish routes along with a few European and long haul routes.

Terminal 2

Originally calle the Europa building and currently the oldest terminal being completed as far back as 1955. This will be replaced by the East Terminal in 2010.

Terminal 3

Opened in 1961 as the Oceanic terminal to handle all long haul. The terminal was renamed terminal 3 in 1968 and redeveloped to include a new arrivals building. Recent developments cost 106 million in 1906 to build piers to accomodate the new Airbus A380 used by Singapore Airlines and Emirates. Terminal 3 and 4 are both to receive a £1bn upgrade over the next 10 years.

Terminal 4

is connected to terminals 1, 2, and 3 by the Heathrow cargo tunnel. Until the opening of Terminal 5 this was the base for British Airways. This terminal accomadates the Skyteam alliance and 45 other airlines.

Terminal 5

is situated between the North and South runways  and was opened by the Queen on 14th March 2009.  Built at a cost of £4.3 bn the terminal is split between the main concourse A and linked to two satellite concourses B and C. C will be completed in 2010. The terminal will handle over 30 million passengers and facilities extend to over a 100 shops and restuarants.

A dedicated spur from the M25 between 14 and 15 junctions has been built to take traffic direct to the terminal and a 3800 mutiple car park

Unfortunately, everything which could go wrong did, with luggage going astray, technology breaking down and scores of flights cancelled.