Things To Do At The Airport

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To ensure you arrive at the airport in plenty of time, we now have to allow for traffic congestion due to road maintenance, traffic accidents and peak periods.

The end result is that passengers are arriving at the car park well before they need to, just to be on the safe side. Airport check in times get ever longer with security checks becoming more rigorous, which added to the usual flight delays means we are spending increasing amounts of time at the airport prior to boarding the flight.

We have therefore put together “things to do at the airport list” which may help you while away the time and assist you to de-stress.

Keeping Children Amused
A little time spent in getting a few things together, which take up little space but can keep the children amused, can be worth the weight in gold.

  • Pack of cards for a game of snap or rummy.
  • Magnetic chess or draughts set.
  • Noiseless hand held electronic games.
  • Old favorite for little children a crayoning book.
  • Read them a story with pictures for interaction.
  • Head phones for music or even a story.
  • Take them to view the planes landing and taking off.
  • Most airports now have play areas set aside for children.
  • Take them around the shops. Every airport has music, sport and bookshops.

For Adults
Shopping in the duty free and eating are the usual pastimes, and all airports know they have a captive audience, and provide a fair selection of options. Heathrow, Gatwick and Manchester airports in particular are more akin to a shopping mall and can keep females (my wife in particular) occupied for hours. This all costs money and unfortunately airports are not renowned for being cheap. The following suggestions are a little less painful on the pocket.

  • Books, newspapers and magazines can reduce the time and are good at de-stressing.
  • Crossword
  • Hand held Internet connection
  • Game of cards

By David Cook