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Travel Tips

Try to be more open minded about the generosity and motives of local people. Unfortunately, coming from the West we are not used to taking anything on face value and are naturally suspicious.

Places are about the people who lived there and an excellent way to quickly see a city’s past is to visit a cemetery. I know this appears to be a pretty morbid idea, but these are often very peaceful and quiet places away from the hustle and bustle and a stroll looking at head stones and monuments will quickly identify the important people which have made the city, town or even village what it is today. The best part is that most cemeteries are free.

Airmiles is a loyalty scheme for rewarding you’re spending with certain retail outlets coupled to your credit card. You can collect Airmiles from over 200 online and high street shops in exchange for free or cheaper hotels and flights. I use either a LloydsTSB Visa or MasterCard for as many purchases as possible. In return I get at least one or even two free flights a year. The trick is to always pay off the full amount each month to avoid paying any interest on these purchases.

Nearly every hotel, flight and car hire company will have last minute cancellations and if you are not too choosy you can be the one to benefit. These suppliers only objective is to get as much from a room, car or seat as possible.This requires a fair amount of online searching and a bit of luck on a daily basis to drop onto the right deal for you.

This is made for retired people or travelers who can be very flexible with time off at the drop of a hat. I know a few retired customers who would return to the car park within a week of their last trip, having got home packed their bags and started searching for a bargain. Winter and off peak are prime times for these deals.

Take a copy of your passport and other travel documents. If these items are lost or stolen it will save a lot of time and grief. Contact the local tourist information before paying a deposit on a hotel or accommodation to confirm that the speck and location is correct. Better to be sure for instance that the hotel is in a quiet part of town but close enough to walk to local amenities, rather than spend a week next to noisy bars or have a 1 in 2 walk to the local shops and bars.

If you have a long way to travel to the airport, consider staying at a hotel close to the terminal which will save you the hassle of driving down the day of your flight and get your holiday off to a more relaxing start.  Motorway delays are a sure way to drive up your stress levels and on occasions even lead you to missing your flight. It is, cheaper for instance to book a Manchester airport hotel with parking as one package rather than reserve them independently.

Use social sites such as twitter and facebook to contact local people to learn about the best places to go and how to get around.  Locals love to help people get the best out of their holiday because it is in their interest to do so.

Always reserve your airport parking beforehand otherwise you will be forced to pay the turn up or gate price which can be horrendous. Heathrow airport parking gate price on airport is nearly double and the chances of just turning up at an off airport car and finding a space is pretty remote and you will still have to pay a premium.

If travelling as a couple or a family spread clothing between the cases so if a case does go missing poor little Johnny is not running around in his Dad’s shorts or even worse Dad is not running around in Johnny’s.

By David Cook